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Interior Design should reflect personal tastes and habits to provide a sense of order, comfort, safety, and wellbeing in the Home.

The goal is to create Healthy and Uplifting Environments often using the concepts of five elements philosophy.

Ainsley Interiors uses the practices of Environmentally Aware Building Designs.


VIRTUAL DESIGN can be used in a remote setting for your interior.  A photo or video of your interior can be sent to obtain a full interior re-design.(Paint/floors/lighting/furniture).


It's time to REIMAGINE public space.  

How do we use these spaces, with "Social Distancing" and growing health concerns!

Global Health and Global Weather, is changing at an alarming rate so spaces where "Public" gather has to reflect a sense of calm, safety, and serenity. Spaces must be designed to fill the function of the activity happening within. Space has to be clear, uncluttered, and clean, with a feeling of openness and Healthy Light and Air. Contact us


Many hours are spent inside, and we are moving from one interior to another within our living and workday,  we need to have the feeling in each Interior we are allowed to be there. Space must be easy to enter, so that people do not feel restricted, including a sense of belonging and collaboration.  Ainsley Interiors follows these beliefs. 

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