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When does a House become a Home? What's the difference!? Why care!

Today with all of the craziness in the world we need to sit back and "Chill"!

This is millennial for being very relaxed, putting your feet on the coffee table and doing "nothing", or can even be defined as easygoing...

We need these definitions for our houses, so the difference between a house and home is:

Can you do or act like this in your house? Can your body and mind settle? Does your environment encourage this?

Now, a lot of people will answer; if my Family is there it's all that matters or children make a house a home. This is true for many, and many homes thrive on lively interactions and with smaller children this is sooo true, but even in these homes sometimes a "chill" space is needed. This is where thinking about your Interior decoration comes to play...

A quiet room, tucked away can be a mental break that is so needed, also in todays working environment with working at home this room or space is definitely a necessity.

The key to these spaces is "always" non-clutter! OMG! you say I have no room...!

The clutter as long as it is confined gives the feeling of being in control. Collect boxes of any sort you like and categorize what's going in it! Your mind and eyes will see something under control so your mind will relax.

I am a great believer in boxes! They don't have to cost much or even be free to work, although it always helps to have something pleasant to look at, but if money is tight a "funky" look can be newspaper wrapped boxes, leave the top open, these look really cool in a urban style home.....

De-clutter (or cheat and make boxes) your home will look peaceful and be a place to "Chill" in!!!!!!

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